Oil changes

Hey everyone are you tired of getting charged almost 80+dollars for your oil change? well, today I’m going to show you how to save money and do it your self in 15 minutes or less!!!!

Firstly let’s go through the parts and tools you will need to know.


1.Oil cap

2.oil pan drain plug

3. Oil filter


1.Oil filter wrench

2. Bucket (to collect bad oil)

3. Wrench or hex key( depending on model and make of vehicle, size and type of plug may vary)

The red arrow shows the plug,and the green arrow shows the oil filter.

Before you start you will need a new oil filter specific to your vehicle and the kind of oil you vehicle uses the type of oil can be found ether on or near your oil cap or in your owners manual.

Step 1 place buckets under oil filter and oil plug

Step 2 remove oil cap,oil filter,oil pulg

At this point oil will be draining from your vehicle wait until it has stopped draining( note do NOT run vehicle wile changing oil, and do NOT change wile vehicle is still warm.)

Step 3 Take new oil filter and replace, take a dab of used oil to lube rubber ring on the filter. You will need an oil filter wrench to remove and install if you don’t have one I have put a link at the bottom to where you can purchase one.

Step 4 Reinstall oil pan plug.

Step 5 Put oil in the engine where the oil cap on the top of the engine is located, as shown in the picture below. check your owner Manuel to check how much oil is needed, too much or too little could be devastating for your ride.

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